Bachelor Week 7 Recap, Part 1: Britt Has a Cow

Bachelor Britt is pissed

A “special” five-hour, two-night Bachelor television event calls for an equally special two-day Bachelor Bloggin’ event – so here’s the first installment!

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Bachelor Week 6 Recap: Save a Rose, Kiss a Cowboy

Bachelor Big and Rich Date with Britt

Chris Harrison told us that this season on the Bachelor, there are no rules. So maybe we shouldn’t have been surprised when last week’s episode ended with a cliffhanger before we got to the Rose Ceremony. You may remember we left off just after Chris Harrison announced there wouldn’t be a cocktail party, which made one lady in particular very uncomfortable…

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Bachelor Week 5 Recap: E-I-E-I-OMG


After a brief hiatus, the blog is back! Just in time to catch up with Chris and his eleven ladies in sunny Santa Fe, New Mexico. Megan, for one, is thrilled about the travel, because she’s never been out of the country… No, she’s not joking.

This week was pretty crazy, and just about everything that happened is probably going to show up somehow in my future nightmares. So let’s just jump right in, shall we? (Don’t forget you can follow along with the “Meet the Ladies” post!)
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Bachelor Week 2 Recap: First Dates, Second Chances, Three Wishes

Bachelor Chris girls in bikinis

It’s Week Two, and our Bachelor has whittled his ladies down from 30 to 22… or is it 23? Team ABC left us with quite a cliffhanger when Kimberly, the yoga teacher from Long Island, dashed back into the mansion after not getting a rose from Chris. So what happened??

Feel free to follow along with Meet the Ladies – but just know that after this episode you’ll definitely be able to tell the Ashleys apart.

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Bachelor Week 1 Recap: Sow Your Wild Oats (Part 2)


Aaand we’re back! We left off as Farmer Chris was headed inside to mix and mingle with just 15 singles. Although he was initially disappointed, he seems to realize that maybe ABC couldn’t find 25+ women who were desperate to move to Iowa, so he puts on a smile and says, “Fifteen is still great!”

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Bachelor Week 1 Recap: Sow Your Wild Oats (Part 1)


Last night’s 3-hour premiere was a bit of a stretch, featuring an unfortunate amount of Chris Harrison’s *LIVE* interviews with irrelevant past cast members (who invited Brooks??) and even less relevant audience members (Let’s talk to these obese women from Iowa! That’s the state Chris lives in!). One of the few remarkable points in all that filler was when Chris the Host asked ex-Bachelorette Andi to tell America something we don’t know about Chris the Bachelor. Her response?

Andi: Oh, he’s exactly how he was on the show, everyone saw the real him, he’s so nice.
Translation: He’s just as boring as he appears to be.

So what’s an ABC production team to do when they have 3 hours to fill? Well, that’s obvious: Pick the weirdest cast of bachelorettes they possibly can, and then pump them full of booze until things get interesting.

And what’s a blogger to do when the show ends past her bedtime and she has work to do the next day? Again, obvious: Split the recap in half!

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Meet Chris’ Ladies

It’s a new year. Your vacation is over. It’s really cold outside. You’re probably already regretting the resolutions you made (or you’ve already broken them). But have no fear — reality TV is here! And there’s no better way to unwind from the first day back at the office than a three- (yes, three) hour premiere of The Bachelor.

Chris Soules, a 33 year-old farmer from Arlington, Iowa (population: 427), has stepped up as “Prince Farming” and will be spending the next several weeks making out with a bunch of hot chicks, gazing wistfully into the distance, and showering with a camera, all for our entertainment – plus a free diamond ring, a spot on Dancing with the Stars, a product endorsement deal or two… and, oh right, maybe a wife.

This season, a record 30 women are trying to gain exposure for their modeling careers – I mean, really want to move to Iowa – so without further ado (and, of course, without spoilers), here they are!

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