Bachelorette Finale Recap: Staaahp and Smell the Roses, Part Two!

Alright, Part Two! Quick refresher: We last saw Nick in the Reject SUV, devastated but already devising his plan to stalk Andi to the ends of the earth to convince her that he should still be her husband. And we last saw Andi taking a slow, pouty walk in the rain and totally letting her hair get wet to demonstrate how seriously she’s taking this whole thing.

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Bachelorette Finale Recap: Staaahp and Smell the Roses, Part One

It’s finally here – the finale we’ve been struggling through this whole boring season to get to! In this 3-hour “television event of the summer,” Andi and Chris Harrison will try desperately to keep us in suspense – and I’ll do the same by splitting my recap up into 2 parts! So here we go – Part One!

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Bachelorette Recap Week 10: The Men Tell Very Little


It’s time for the Men Tell All! Andi, brace yourself for confronting a room full of your exes. Men, gear up to argue endlessly over essentially irrelevant topics. Live audience members, stretch those facial muscles – we’re gonna need you to pull some seriously shocked faces soon! And readers, check the Meet Andi’s Men post to refresh your memory – there are a lot of guys here you’re probably not going to recognize!

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Bachelorette Recap Week 9: Parting is Such Fantasy Suite Sorrow


It’s the final countdown, y’all! This week’s three overnight dates are full of euphemisms, one-sided confessions of love, and a borderline-uncomfortable avoidance of the fact that it’s all taking place within three nights. We’re in the Dominican Republic, which Andi thinks is the “perfect place to be in love with one guy… at the end of this.”

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Bachelorette Week 8 Recap: Sliding into Home(towns)


It’s hometowns, y’all! Time for Andi’s journey to find love to take us to the farthest, most boring reaches of the good ol’ US of A, where Andi will meet four mens’ families and make everyone cry. This time around, the guys get to plan the dates – and they come up with some real doozies.

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Bachelorette Week 7 Recap: Awkward Silence is Golden


This week, the gang is in Brussels, where the stakes are high – if their national team beats us today… oh wait, no, sorry, uh, Bachelorette. Right. The stakes are high! Because Andi has to decide which four families she is going to meet, then judge, then potentially use as an excuse to dump a guy. So these six bachelors had better start dropping the L-word if they know what’s good for TV them!

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Bachelorette Week 6 Recap: Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire


The eight gentlemen remaining on Andi’s journey to find love (check out “Meet Andi’s Men” if you want a refresher) are in Venice this week, and after the obligatory “most romantic city in the world” comments (paid for by the local tourism board), they meet Andi in the city for a surprising announcement. I guess Chris Harrison and the date card stationery got lost in transit, because this week’s first one-on-one date is starting right now!

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